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SG Global Press was established in Singapore in 2018 and is an authorized publisher by the National Library Board of Singapore. The company publishes over 1,000 books annually, with a mission to connect global Chinese people and promote Chinese culture. All publications can be searched for on the official websites of the National Library Board of Singapore and Global Chinese Press, and can be purchased at the physical bookstore, Union Book Pte Ltd.

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As a bridge and link for Chinese people around the world to exchange ideas and conduct research, SG Global Press is also an important platform for promoting Chinese civilization to other ethnic groups, and for introducing and promoting Chinese achievements. The company has strict internal reviews and only publishes works that meet all requirements in order to apply for a Singapore Book Number and enter the National Library of Singapore. All publications released by SG Global Press can be viewed at the National Library of Singapore.

Stack of Books
Stack of Books

Our Services

SG Global Press main business involves applying for ISBN numbers for publications in Singapore, allowing them to be borrowed from the National Library of Singapore, promoting them through Singaporean media, and selling them through offline bookstores in Singapore.

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In 2023, SG Global Press will enter into strategic cooperation with three China market publisher, namely Hebei Zhongying Cultural Media Co., Ltd., Beijing Zhongcheng Boyun Cultural Media Co., Ltd., and Beijing Zhongshu Wenyuan Cultural Media Co., Ltd., to jointly develop the domestic and overseas publishing market. The cooperation among the four publishing houses will help to introduce Singaporean publications to the domestic market and sell them through various channels, serving the global Chinese population at home and abroad.

National Library of Singapore

The National Library of Singapore serves as both a national library and a public library. As a national library, it is responsible for collecting comprehensive library materials that are needed by the public, serving as the national repository for Singaporean publications and publications from other countries in the field of Singaporean studies, providing reference services, interlibrary loan, exchange, and copying services. Its unique Southeast Asian research collection is open to local and overseas scholars and researchers.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) National Agency

As the national bibliographic agency, the National Library of Singapore compiles the national bibliography, periodical indexes, and various union catalogs. It publishes the "Singapore National Bibliography" and "Singapore Periodical Index." At the same time, the National Library of Singapore is also the center of the Singapore Integrated Library Automation Services Network, which is a national bibliographic network that provides union catalogs to member libraries. The National Library of Singapore is also the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) national agency. As a public library, the National Library of Singapore has over a dozen branch libraries scattered throughout the country, serving as a public library.

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